Google history deletion: only search terms are deleted

Google is known to keep a record of every search you make on the web. According to the company, you can delete previous searches, browsing history, or other activities from your Google Account.

Η will lead you to your activity stored in your account. Google

When using products and of Google, the company maintains in your account, such as when and how you use certain features. The company though maintains this data, even if you delete your activity.

For example, if you visit the My Activity page and delete a Google search, the company will know that you searched for something (the place and time) but not the term . Οπότε αυτό που θα διαγραφεί τελικά θα είναι μόνο οι of the searches you have made.

If you want to turn it off you can do it from here. Naturally no one can guarantee that Google will stop recording your activities.

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