Google Search, Maps and Translate are coming with crazy features

Today, Google did a livestream from Paris, to announce a number of new AI features that will be integrated into its Search, Translate and Maps services.

The livestream came a few days after the Bard announcement, its upcoming AI chatbot that the company is testing internally ahead of its launch to the public in the coming ai

Google Translate

Google introduced a new feature that will give more options to words that can have more than one meaning, such as the word "bass" which can mean sea bass or the well-known musical instrument. gsearch

This feature is now available for Translate in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish and will be expanded to more languages ​​in the coming months. If you have an Android phone with 6GB of RAM or more, you can also translate text contained in images.

Google Search

Speaking of images, Google will be adding a new feature to its Lens app in the coming months that will allow phone owners to search their screen. They'll be able to pull images and videos from websites and apps, and Lens will use them to learn more about the content in those photos and video clips. Google also released another new feature, called multisearch. It will allow users to search content with both text and image at the same time.

Google Maps

Η Google διαθέτει επίσης την λειτουργία καθηλωτικής προβολής στους Χάρτες σε ορισμένες τοποθεσίες, όπως το Λονδίνο, το Λος Άντζελες, η Νέα Υόρκη, το Σαν Φρανσίσκο και το Τόκιο. Η λειτουργία θα επιτρέπει να δείτε αυτές τις πόλεις από ψηλά σε τρισδιάστατες φωτορεαλιστικές opinions. Η εταιρεία θα χρησιμοποιεί λειτουργίες AI για να σας δείχνει σημεία ενδιαφέροντος στο δρόμο καθώς περπατάτε με το τηλέφωνό σας.veryfastcharging

Finally, Maps will offer more information to people with electric vehicles. Maps will add EV charging station locations that will appear based on your car's current charge level, the amount of traffic and your expected battery usage. The Maps search will also display locations for charging stations and show you which ones have faster charging speeds.

The upcoming Bard chatbot was also mentioned in the livestream, with Google noting that it does not intend to offer the service to the general public until it reaches "high security levels" in the company's internal testing. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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