Google Search: the hidden fan and the wheel of fortune

Redditors has discovered that Google has a hidden virtual spinner simulation in search results but you need to look for the right word to see it.

To access the hidden mode, you must search for the word "spinner" and the widget will appear in the results returned by the search engine.

The virtual spinner appears on mobile devices as well as on your desktop. It does not seem to work on all browsers: you'll see it with Chrome and Firefox, but Safari does not show the simulation for some reason.

How does it look?

The widget works exactly as you would expect: It mimics mouse rotations. Alternatively, you can simply click the "Spin" button but it does not seem to be that much fun.

In case you are not excited the Google play, the company added a rotation that you will find in the top right corner. google

Moving the button from Fidget to Numbers will allow you to change the spinning circle with a virtual wheel of fortune. You can further adjust the wheel size by adding more numbers to any number between 2 and 20.

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Click here to play with the virtual spinner.

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