Google Socratic is an application that everyone should have

There was a time when if we wanted to learn new things, we had to go to the nearest library. Today there is a lot of information in our hands, through the screen of a smartphone.

However, not all information on the Internet comes from reliable sources. On the other hand there are many sites with outdated or incorrect information.

google socratic

Somewhere here comes Google Socratic. The app can help you sift through information to ensure you get the most reliable.

What is Google Socratic?

Google Socratic helps students connect to useful web-based educational resources for free through a mobile app.

Download: iOS | Android (free)

It uses technologies such as text analysis, and artificial intelligence to improve search capabilities to help students understand everything from a variety of general information to deep knowledge.

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The Socratic app focuses on academic quests, which means its resources are more likely to be much more reliable. At this time, the application does not even show ads.

Finally, the Google Socratic app also lets you explore many topics covered by science experts: biology, chemistry, physics, algebra, geometry, history and more.

Who can use the Google Socratic app?

Google Socratic is designed for students over 12+ years old. However, the app can also be used by students and others from academia. The application has many advantages. For example, because it has many ways of asking questions, it can also be used by students with disabilities for safe web browsing.

In addition, journalists, content writers, and other professionals can use the app to access trusted sources of information or quickly discover related topics.

Finally, it can be used by anyone who wants to better understand various topics as the Socratic application will give them access to guides, videos and explanations that have been edited by experts.

Download: iOS | Android (Free)

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