Google's Google Apps Security Response

After our publication "How secure is the Google Allo application" we contacted Mrs. Polina Triantafillou from who works with Google. Below is the answer of the company that we list as follows:Google Allo

Following your release, we list Google's official position to include it in your article.

"You can delete messages or entire conversations in Allo. We also offer you the ability to chat in incognito mode, where messages are encrypted end-to-end, and set a timer to automatically delete messages on your device and on the device of the person you are chatting with at a predetermined time " .

Google Spokesman

The above information as you may have noticed already exists in our post. What does not exist, however, is a Spokesman's answer to how the new Google Assistant artificial intelligence feature works.

As you know, every AI learns the more he uses and the more he collects. Of course, Google's intent may not be to collect and analyze the data, but it will be de facto done by the algorithm.

And to say otherwise, does anyone have the illusion that he can hide?

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