Google Summer of Code Call to students

At Google Summer of Code (GSοC) can involve students with programming knowledge who want to contribute to open source projects.

The selected students will work for 3 months in the open software project that they choose to contribute and will be funded with 4.800 $ after a monthly evaluation.Google Summer of Code

The GSοC, provides funding to students to contribute with code to free software projects. It is implemented globally, from 2005 started have participated in this more than 14.000 students from 109 countries resulting in more than 33.000.000 code lines being produced for 608 open source organizations.

Ο Organization of Open Technologies (EELLAK), participates with 26 projects open source and invites those students who wish to contribute to one of the projects, to participate in the GSOC 2019 selecting the project that suits their interests and skills.

Proposals should be formulated in accordance with this model.

Detailed information on the projects proposed by the Organization of Open Technologies - EETLAK and the prerequisite programming skills required per project can be viewed here.

ΟStudents can formally submit their proposals through its main page Google Summer of Code, from March 25 to April 9, 2019, while those interested in participating in GSOC 2019 in his works Organization of Open Technologies, can send their questions from today and contact the project mentors through the list.

For more information about Google Summer of Code 2019, the dates and deadlines for submitting proposals, see


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