Google TAG Chinese government hackers against Ukraine

Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) reports that the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and other Chinese intelligence services are trying to steal information from Ukraine.

china hacker

Google TAG security engineer Billy Leonard says Google has alerted Ukrainian government agencies to a Chinese-funded hacking group.

"In recent weeks, Google TAG has identified a Chinese government-backed group targeting Ukrainian government agencies, and we have notified affected parties." said Leonard.

"While our priority is to provide alerts to affected parties, we have also given the relevant IOCs to Community partners and will publish more details about the safety community in the near future."

The team leader, Shane Huntley, confirmed Leonard also said that "the war in Ukraine is not only of interest to European hackers. "And China is trying hard."

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This is in line with the claims of Intrusion Truth, a group known for its work in exposing suspected Chinese hackers.

Intrusion Truth also asked infosec experts to share any indicators or samples related to Chinese malicious activity in Ukraine through public or anonymous channels.

The Google TAG report on ongoing Chinese cyber operations in Ukraine follows another warning issued a week ago about a Chinese-backed hacking team (APT31) targeting Gmail users linked to the US government.

A day earlier, Google security analysts they revealed that Russians and Belarusians targeted Ukrainian and European governmental and military organizations in widespread phishing and DDoS attacks.

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"In the last 12 months, the TAG has issued hundreds of government-sponsored attack warnings to Ukrainian users," said Shane Huntley, head of Google TAG.

Google added that the Chinese-backed hacking group Mustang Panda (also known as Temp.Hex and TA416) has also turned to phishing attacks against European organizations.

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