Text-to-Speech in Greek available on Google Search

Technology text-to-Speech technology (TTS) of her Google enables the feature in some speak to you and recognize voice content

Η Google announces that the app her Google has the ability to pronounce the results of the search in Greek for multiple themes. In both operating systems, and in Android and iOS, you will notice that Google can respond in Greek search terms ranging from weather to football.Google

This is possible as the of the search text-to-Speech in Greek is now activated, using the automatic voice recognition neural network (automatically Speech Recognition/ ASR) and the text-to-Speech (TTS) as developed by her speech Google.

Make sure your mobile phone settings are in English and try to ask Google (using your voice) a search term in the following topics. For example, you may ask:

Weather: The weather in Athens, or the weather today

Soccer: You can also find her program Superleague! Try saying: 'Schedule for the Super League of Greece' or

'Football Championship of Greece'.

Computer: Ask '23 plus 45' or '52 minus 37'

Translation: Try saying 'Hello in English'

Change the language settings in English to Android pixel phone, enter the settings, then tap the globe (languages ​​and options), then "languages" to add the Greek (for better performance remember to erase English)

About the application settings Google on iOS, touch the microphone on the app's search bar Google, you will see a globe icon at the bottom left of it . Touch it to add Greek.

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