Google Toontastic 3D Create your own 3D story for free

Google Toontastic 3D: A few years ago, Google acquired Launch Toys, the developer of Toontastic, an application that allows children and adults to easily create cartoon narratives.

As shown, the application has now been updated to a version that allows 3D!Google Toontastic 3D

Google Toontastic 3D is an easy way for kids to present their ideas without having to work with complicated video editing software or to show them through boring PowerPoint.

It's a pretty simple procedure: Decide how many "bows" you want the story (with presets for short story, classical story, and scientific exposure), choose a background and then the characters that will star in your presentation.

You can either use the default settings or draw your own background and your own characters, although the app has very nice animations. You also have the option to add your face to one of the characters you include in your narrative.

After that, you can begin to give your characters a "soul" by adding voice, movement and background to your story.

Google plans to add over time more data you can use, as well as different storylines to help children start creating their own content.

Google Toontastic 3D is already available for free and is waiting for you to download it at Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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