Google Top 10 Searches of 2018 (Greece and worldwide)

As it happens every year, Google posted the top searches of the year. The Top 10 Searches of 2018, which we will see below, show us what Google audiences found inside 2018.

On top of the Top 10 company pages you will see several cultural events, sporting events and many celebrities.


Google has categorized the top searches of 2018. So besides total searches, there are news, people, actors, athletes, losses, movies, musicians and bands and TV shows.

We will not mention them all here, but if you want to see them, you can visit Google's Top 10 Searches of 2018. It is the page where you will find 10 most popular searches in all categories listed above, worldwide and for specific countries (there is also Greece).

10 2018's top XNUMX searches

World Cup
Mac Miller
Stan Lee
Black Panther
Meghan Markle
Anthony Bourdain
Stephen Hawking
Kate Spade

At 10, top searches (worldwide) are dominated by famous people we lost this year, as well as major events.

See searches in Greece.
And the global searches


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