Google Translate new look

Twelve years after the launch of Google Translate, the service changed external appearance. So far there have been many internal changes since the service originally started translating only English and Arabic.

Today translates 30 trillions of proposals per year into 103 different languages.

Google Translate or Google Translate has become an essential communication tool and today has come up with a new design that makes it easier to use the service.

What you need to know:

The new look of the site is now compatible with other Google products, while updated labeling and new fonts make it easy to navigate. For example, you could always upload documents for translation, but now this feature has become much easier.

Now it's even more convenient to save and organize major translations that you use or search regularly. You can add tags to each saved translation, so if you speak in multiple languages, you can sort and group your translations with just one click.Google Translate

The site can be dynamically adjusted to the size of your screen. This will give you better experience on all your devices: mobile, tablet or desktops.

To see the new site, visit the address


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