Google Translate with AI that "recognizes" gender

For years, Google Translate has been somewhat biased in identifying gender by linking jobs to a specific gender: a doctor with a male and a nurse with a female.

Yesterday, Google's AI team released a new model that will probably solve the problem. The new AI is already available but provides support for gender translations from English to Spanish and from Finnish, Hungarian and Persian to English.

Google Translate

In a blog post, the company explained that its old approach gave too many errors in the final results.

The team also reported that although it used a Neural Machine Translation (NMT), the system could not translate gender for more than 40% of the queries.

Left: An early example of translating a gender-neutral English phrase into a Spanish gender equivalent. In this case, only one example can be given that can be discriminated against. Right: The new Translation provides a choice of (female - male) gender.

To train AI, the team first used millions of sentences in English to create a basic model.

The researchers then trained him on the appearance of the female in a male-dominated request and vice versa. Finally, the results from both directions were merged to create a model that gives two options.

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