Google Translate added to Gmail for mobile devices

Google started to feature the translation service (Google Translate) in the Gmail mobile apps for Android and iOS. The integration of Google Translate into the official Gmail app adds an extra feature that's been available on desktop for years.Google translate

Gmail users sometimes receive messages written in languages ​​they cannot read. While this is sometimes a sign of spam or malicious intent, it may be neither. You may have simply ordered something from an overseas store or received a request from someone in another country.

Until now, Gmail mobile users could use copy and paste to translate the content of a message in another app or by using Google Translate on the web. The change adds a banner to Gmail emails that displays the option s.

All you need to do is select the “translate to” button from the banner to translate it into the selected language. The Google Translate app in Gmail apps supports automatic translation for specific languages.

When automatic translation is selected, emails with the selected language are translated immediately and without requiring any further action from the user.

Gmail users can also close the banner to free up screen space. They can also instruct Gmail to never translate a particular language, so that the banner doesn't appear when messages written in that language are opened.

Gmail users have the ability to manually translate emails as well, if needed, according to Google's announcement. This option is available from the three-dot menu in the Gmail app.

Google started rolling out the feature on Android on August 8, 2023. The rollout of the native Google Translate feature on iOS starts on August 21, 2023. Google says it will take up to 15 days to complete the rollout for both operating systems . The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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