What Google does not tell us: Disclosure of Google Government Relationship

Google has been cited as "the best company to work in America" ​​by Business Insider, and it is likely that the message reached the Capitol as 197 people in government have moved to Google since Obama took office.

The image below symbolizes the "revolving door" and is made interactive by elements collected by the Campaign for Accountability (CfA). google

The image is an attempt to reveal Google, and it is intended to give more light to the company we use every day, and we know little.

Executive Director of CfA Anne Weismann says:

Google has been a long-standing supporter of transparency in government, business, and even the privacy of users. But it is not transparent in its relations with the government. The GTP will highlight how Google affects our government executives, public policies and the way we live.


Evidence reveals that 28 displacements between Google and the government concerned national security, intelligence or the Department of Defense, TNW reports.

The company has hired strategic people from government agencies that have the most impact on business, such as the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. Google, or rather its main law firm, has hired a number of people from the Federal Trade Commission, an organization that conducts research into the company's privacy and anti-monopoly behavior.

The CfA used publicly available data to show how often Google is invited to sit next to White House officials - revealing that it has had more than one meeting a week since Obama became president.

Total; 427 times.


The following images show how the White House and Google meetings look like. (Click to enlarge)

You can explore the data to find out how many times the US President met face to face with Eric Schmidt and other key Google executives.

The conclusion is yours to make…


Google Transparency Project


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