Google Unlocked see hidden search results

Google Unlocked is an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers. The extension automatically displays hidden results in the Google Search service.

Google is known to hide Google Search results when receiving DMCA notifications. The company allegedly adds information to the search results pages to inform service users about what exactly happened.Google Unlocked

By following these links you can find more information and links that Google has removed from search results pages.

Google Unlocked essentially automates this process. The extension displays links that have been removed at the end of the search results page so you can access them directly.

Links lack titles something that can sometimes make you difficult, but with a click on a link, it opens the result directly to your browser. We should mention that some of these links may not work anymore.

Google Unlocked is an open source extension and is available for download directly from Google Chrome Web Store and Mozilla AMO. Logically, the extension will also work on Mozilla browser-based browsers or Mozilla Firefox.

The extension displays unfiltered Google results, at least for results that have been removed due to DCMA notifications. The absence of titles is not an extension error.


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