Re-access the Google Image Viewer

As we have said to you previous publication, Google after an agreement with Getty Images, last week decided to remove the "View Image" button from the image search results.Google

This feature could instantly display the file within a new frame without having to go to the page that has the image.

Below we will see how you can access the "View Image" function again.

You just have to install an extension Chrome or Opera Browser, and you'll see the Image View button again where it should be the next time you do a picture search.

A similar extension is circulating and for Firefox.

Alternatively, you can use the anonymous search engine start Page (based on Google search engine) and you'll have access to the Image View feature without the need for an extension.

If you still do not mind a few extra clicks, you can always right-click on the images that appear in the search results and select 'Open Images in New Tab'.

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