European Commission: fine 9 twice for Google?

The European Commission is reportedly preparing one mammoth ($9 billion) for her Google , for violating EU antitrust rules, according to .

The EU competition watchdog accused Google in April 2015 of misrepresentation on the internet to favor its own services at the expense of competing services. This specific case was identified from the end of 2010.Google

Some time ago, people were aware of the matter, they told Reuters that they believed that after three failed compromise efforts over the past six years, Google had no plans to resolve these allegations unless the committee changed its stance.

The company with the search engine, is an object s by the Commission since 2010, when it received complaints from American and European competitors of Google.

If it is guilty of violating antitrust rules, it will face fines of up to 10% of its annual turnover, which in the case of Google may be over 6 billion.

The biggest anti-trust fine to date has been a fine of 1,1 billion Euro imposed on Intel 2009.

In addition to the fine, Reuters believes that the Commission will try to stop Google from its alleged practices, but it is unclear what steps the company could take to level the playing field for competing companies.

Google has agreed to pay the previous month a 306 tax of millions of euros in Italy and Ireland in an attempt to end a criminal investigation into whether the company has avoided paying taxes on its total income for more than a decade. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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