Google wants to build its own quantum computer

In cooperation with of UCSB, the Google θέλει να κατασκευάσει το δικό της κβαντικό υπολογιστή, με την να έχει αναλάβει το εργαστήριο Quantum Intelligence Lab.

D-Wave quantum-computer Google

Η of his researchers UCSB and their responsible professor, John Martinis, are in his team Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab of Google which was created about a year ago in cooperation with NASA and USRA.

The team of UCSB researchers has managed to create them Xmons, which are qubits cross-shaped, cooled to such a level that there is no electrical resistance and magnetic interference. Xmons can be set up in series, so they can communicate with each other with a positive impact on computing power and not only.

Finally, the Google will continue to experiment with the machine Vesuvius NASA's Ames Research Center, which will be upgraded with the processor Washington of 1000 qubit.

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