Google wants to hear your crazy ideas about Project Loon


Google's Project Loon project, to travel a balloon that runs through the Internet in remote parts of the world, may seem like a Sci-Fi story more than a reality, but Google is convinced that it can take place.

There are, however, many doubters about this achievement, so Google has been forced to provide more details on how it is supposed to work for this project.

He also introduced the new Loon project in its community  in Google+ where anyone interested in the project can discuss and share their ideas.

So far, most of the comments that appear are positive, but this is no stranger as the Google+ community tends to be made up of Google fans.

The major concerns the interlocutors have about the Loon project are about control. The balloons are not flexible, even the modern basics go where the wind carries them.

But Google claims that by monitoring the different winds and adjusting the altitude, it can go anywhere it needs to go or even keep the balloon in about the same position, regardless of the winds.

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