Google Waze: The Warns App for Traffic

The US Police blames Google's Waze app for sending alerts showing when the police-traffic police are in close proximity to the driver and not only, says Guardian.waze

2013, Google acquired it company, along with the application that combines GPS navigation with a social network, for 966.000.000 dollars. The application offers free real-time traffic guidance and alerts on related issues such as congestion, car accidents, speeding ambulances, traffic cameras, roadworks, potholes and insecure conditions.

Complaints against enforcement were caused by Sergio Kopelev, a deputy sheriff in Southern California, who believes that warnings to the user and indicating police positions are dangerous to the police.

Kopelev said he learned about Waze at the end of last year when his wife started using it.

The executive director of the Fraternal Order Police, Jim Pasco, also said: "I can think of at least 100 ways the application could cause problems for police officers. There is no control over its use. So if you are a criminal and want to rob a bank, you can use your Waze. ”


The Julie Mossler spokesperson for the company, says they think very seriously about security issues and that Waze collaborates with New York Police to solve the problem.

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