Google has added a security warning to those using Microsoft Edge

The new Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are very similar browsers, and both are built on the Chromium platform.


Microsoft has significantly increased its presence after the change it made to its own Chromium browsing platform. So it seems that the measurements make him a "dangerous" opponent and so Google has increased the warnings and scary messages to those who run the Edge.

The story is not very new. In the past, Google has issued a warning to Edge users when they open services such as Google Teams, Gmail, Google Docs, and YouTube Music.

Google services can easily figure out which browser you are using to visit their pages, so depending on what they find, they are doing the right thing. So if you are with the new Edge and go to the Chrome Web Store to find extensions that are now compatible with Edge due to the common Chromium platform, you will see a nice security alert.

You will see that "recommends" you leave Edge and go to Chrome to use the extensions safely. And so you do not have to search for a link to download Google Chrome.

So far so good. Her own Web Store and recommendation. But it is deliberately targeted at Edge, as Google does not show this recommendation in other Chromium browsers, such as Opera and Brave.

Google Alert does not actually affect Edge's ability to use and run Chrome extensions securely. You can install the extensions as usual, but click on that security warnings could scare off novice users and drive them away from the Edge.

Last year, Google said it was not blocking the Microsoft Edge, but rather a simple diplomatic statement, like the policy ones. In recent years, the browsers battles have become more complicated as no one wants to share the market.

In the past, the makers of Vivaldi, which is also based on Chromium, have also complained about "errors" caused by Google and hacked the browser.

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