Android Gooligan Google's official position on the issue

In the morning we published for Android Gooligan. Αν έχετε κάποιο smartphone Android It would be good to check if it has been violated. A new malware Android which has already breached more than 1 million accounts Google and infects about 13.000 devices every day.

Gooligan virus

They called it Gooligan and can root on devices Android devices to steal stored email addresses and authentication badges.

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Η Google φέρεται να εξέδωσε μια επίσημη ανακοίνωση για το θέμα που την δημοσιεύουμε παρακάτω όπως τη λάβαμε:

"Following the your publications για το ζήτημα που έχει ανακύψει αναφορικά το κακόβουλο app Goοligan, σας αποστέλλουμε την  επίσημη θέση της Google με την παράκληση να την εντάξετε επίσης στο δημοσίευμά σας.

"We appreciate its contribution Check Point with which we have worked together to understand and deal with such issues. It is worth highlighting that in our ongoing effort to protect users from the "family" of malware Ghost Push, we have taken numerous measures and we are taking protective measures to improve security throughout our ecosystem Android.

In particular, our actions include: the revocation of token (parameters) of the accounts Google infected users of their devices, providing clear instructions to reconnect securely, disabling related applications from infected devices, constantly developing verification applications, and continuous SafetyNet improvements to protect users of these applications in the future and our collaboration with ISPss) to eliminate this malware completely. "

Adrian Ludwig, Director Android Security

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