Spilled Gorillaz albums because they guessed the password

Four tracks from the upcoming Gorillaz album leaked before official release, as someone used a very weak password.

Two days ago, the entire tracklist for the new Gorillaz album was recorded by the music company Phonographic Performance Limited.Gorillaz

Then fans of the band decided to look for the internet and discover traces of these songs. So 4 discovered from them as a Vimeo video only protected by a password.

The videos were uploaded by Dylan Byrne, a lighting technician who collaborates with the band. But Dylan did not know that while uploading the videos privately, Google could index it very easily. This was the reason why they appeared as a result to the questions of the band's friends, who were not looking blind because the names of the songs had already been published.

From that point on, it was only a matter of time until the Gorellz band's friends managed to break the password. Its user Reddit mrmoosechill was the first to mention that the code was a very simple "2017".

Please note that videos and the Vimeo account have now been deleted, yet they are somewhere on the Internet.

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Written by giorgos

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