ELAS shields the ELAS broadcasting network in the fear of "chalking"

Safe transmission of election results through the "SYZEFXIS"Shields EL.AS. in the run-up to parliamentary elections and in fear of a hacker attack on the day of the electoral process.digital security SYZEFXIS

All the officers of the House, representatives of the National Security Incident Management Network of the Ministry of Interior, the National Integrity Response Authority (CERT), the National Public Sector Network / SYZEFXIS, the Attica Region, OTE, Forthnet and Singular Logic.

The meeting provided information on how to address any technical issues or malicious actions during the broadcast of the election results.

In order to achieve a smooth and smooth conduction of the transmission, a coordination group of the electoral process was established by all involved Agencies for direct and continuous communication, aiming to protect the process of transmission of the results.

It is noted that the Cybercrime Division is already in a state of constant readiness to preserve Internet infrastructures from cyber-attacks in order to smoothly streamline the transmission of the results.

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