Successfully completed the 3 Conference of the Greek Police on Safe Internet Navigation

The Conference was organized by the Hellenic Police Headquarters and the Financial Police & Cybercrime Prosecution Service, on the occasion of the "World Safer Internet Day"


3 has been very successfulο Conference on Safe Internet Navigation, organized by the Hellenic Police Headquarters and the Financial Police & Cybercrime Prosecution Service.

The Conference, which took place today (06.02.2014) in the morning in a central hotel in Athens, was attended and honored by the presence of the Minister of Public Order & Citizen Protection, Mr. Nikos Dendias, who at the beginning of the work addressed a greeting ( relevant from 06.02.2014 Press Release).

She also addressed the MEP, Elena Rapti, member of the Greek Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, member of the Parliamentary Network on Ending the Sexual Abuse of Children and Coordinator of the Council of Europe's "ONE in PENTE" campaign in Greece.

The Chief of the Greek Police, Lieutenant General Nikolaos Papayannopoulos, the Southern Greek Police Inspector General, Lieutenant General Spyridon Papaspyrou and other Officers of the House were also present.

The Director of the Financial Police & Cybercrime Prosecution Service, Brigadier General Vassilios Kontogiannis, addressed a relevant greeting, while the Deputy Director of the Service, Brigadier General Emmanouil Sfakianakis held the a presentation for the review of the actions of the Greek Police on the Internet.

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The conference was attended by representatives of the political, economic and intellectual life of the country, entrepreneurs, managing directors, judges, prosecutors, law professors, lawyers, law students and army officers and security forces and about two hundred (200) primary school pupils from public and private schools in Attica.

Among the attendants were the Head of the Athens Court of Appeal, Mr. Emmanouil Rasidakis, the Head of the Prosecutor's Office of Athens, Panagiota Fakou, the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court, Foreign Minister Dimitrios and Mr. Nicholas Pantelis, the Appeals Court of Appeals, Messrs. Panagiotis Athanassiou and Bris Galinos, the Attorney-General of Athens, Mr. Ioannis Dragatsis, OTE-COSMOTE Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Michael Tsamaz, the Consumer Ombudsman Evangelos Zergeas and the President of the ESR. Mr. Ioannis Laskaridis, Vice-President of the Supreme Court, et.

The event, which was held on the occasion of the World Day of Safer Internet Day, included two (2) themes. Presentations were made by distinguished and specialized scientists, from Greece and abroad, on topics related to Safer Internet Navigation.

Specifically, the two thematic units developed were:

  • 1st section - "Greek Police Actions on the Internet", which presented the program of actions in the field of informing students, parents and other interested parties about the positive and negative aspects of the Internet and, consequently, the dangers of their navigation in the Internet. During this section, the work of the Greek Police in this field was presented up to date, as well as the program of future actions for 2014. In addition, it was projected TV spot of the new 2014 news campaign.
  • 2nd section - "The Internet in our lives: what is to come", in which the possibilities offered by the Internet were developed, being a source of knowledge, learning, communication, entertainment, information, while the purpose of this unity was to highlight the importance of the Internet in everyday life of modern man.

The Conference was open-ended in structure and communication, as it was transmitted via the Internet with live streaming applications from the Hellenic Police website (

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