The 42hrones for child pornography are publicly available

Greek police headquarters

Athens, 15 February 2013


gr police

Following the Press Release of 13-02-2013 on the arrest of 42, a local resident of 12.02.2013, in Patras, by the Electronic Crime Enforcement Division, for pornography of minors, following the order of the Prosecutor of the First Instance of Patras, the identity documents and the criminal proceedings brought against him.

It's him MYLONA Dimitrios of Anastasiou and Julia, who was born in 1971 and lives in Patras.

At the expense of the above, a criminal prosecution was brought for the criminal act of possession of child pornography material using habitually conducted internet.

The disclosure of identity and criminal prosecution is intended to protect the community, minors, vulnerable or vulnerable population groups, and to make the State's claim for the punishment of the above offenses easier.

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