GSI: Free online game for Covid-19

The Investigation is a free game designed to help players understand how to stop the transmission of Covid-19.

germ science investigation gsi

Are you an anti-vaccine? Do you think Covid-19 is a simple flu? Stop reading this article and move on to the next one. If you believe in the existence of covid-19 then play the free online game Germ Science Investigation, which through 4 missions tries to teach you how to stop the transmission of covid-19.

No need to play. You have 4 missions to complete with different levels. The tasks are simple and teach you a lot about Covid-19 and its transmission. With the help of simple exercises, participants can learn how Covid-19 spreads, at such a high rate, and how it can be stopped.

This game can prove extremely useful for parents and teachers who want to teach children about Covid-19. Because this game does you in a fun and interactive way. The they will play and learn for themselves about the dos and don'ts of Covid.

Unfortunately, it does not support the Greek language. But the questions require only basic knowledge of English and additionally visual helps in understanding the issues. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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