GSI: Free online game for Covid-19

Germ Science Investigation is a free online game designed to help players understand how to stop the transmission of Covid-19.

germ science investigation gsi

Are you an anti-vaccine? Do you think Covid-19 is a simple flu? Stop reading this article and move on to the next one. If you believe in the existence of covid-19 then play the free online game Germ Science Investigation, which through 4 missions tries to teach you how to stop the transmission of covid-19.

No registration required to play. You have 4 missions to complete with different levels. The tasks are simple and teach you a lot about Covid-19 and its transmission. With the help of simple exercises, participants can learn how Covid-19 spreads at such a high rate and how it can be stopped.

This game can be extremely useful for parents and teachers who want to teach their children about Covid-19. Because this game does your job in a fun and interactive way. The children will play and learn on their own about the pros and cons of Covid.

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Unfortunately it does not support the Greek language. But the questions require only basic knowledge of English and in addition the visual material helps to understand the issues.

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