Apple is submitting revised plans for Campus 2


New designs set testified Apple today on the construction of the upcoming Campus 2 show the company's effort to reduce as much as possible the cost that according to a post of the previous days is already $ 2 billion out of budget.

The initial construction plan of approximately 56 of thousands of square meters of buildings included two phases: the 1 Phase that would be carried out simultaneously with the construction of the Main Campus with Phase 2 being scheduled for later on. Now, the first phase has been moved to Phase 2, that is, after the completion of Master Campus.


Steve Jobs is said to be responsible for the cost boost, whose obsession with design and build quality has led to the choice of expensive methods. "The real output of the campus is not so much green technology but the materials - and what designers call 'fit and finish'," the article said. "As with Apple products, Jobs did not want any gaps or seams to appear. Every floor, ceiling and wall should be polished until it goes. All the interior wood must be of a specific type of maple and only the best quality 'heartwood' in the center of the trees can be used ".

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Campus 2 is expected to complete 2016.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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