Apple is moving again against Samsung with its ally ... Nokia!


It's one of those news that you read and think with a grim look:what does the poet mean to say;Last Monday, Nokia filed a friendly petition in the New York Court of Appeals on behalf of Apple, calling for a ban on Samsung products in the United States that were found to infringe on Apple patents. Nokia.

Last summer, during the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, which ended with a fine of $ 1 + billion against Samsung, Judge Lucy Koh, in response to Apple's request for a ban on the circulation of some devices of the Korean company, answered that he saw it with additional data in December. That month, the judge rejected Apple's request to ban Korean products, arguing that Apple had to prove that patents infringing on those products were a major factor in their demand.

Ms. Koh's decision, according to Apple, sets very high standards and she decided to appeal. In this appeal, Nokia comes to support it with its supplementary filing, which argues that patent laws exist to enhance the development of technology for the public good, but also supports the banning of products that prove that they violate these laws in "specific circumstances" and according to one of the Finnish lawyers, Ms. Koh "was wrong in deciding that Apple should prove the relationship between a patented technology and the demand of the devices that use it" .

It is clear that Nokia wants to enter the patent game as a serious player in the US market. Holder of several thousand patents related to mobile telephony and software, the company has long been in favor of legal action. It is strange, but very strange, that Nokia is the only company that actually stands as an assistant to Apple, a company with which it had a similar litigation, until 2009. People are changing dad…

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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