Apple received EMMY award for Technology & Engineering at CES


H Apple got an EMMY award for Technology & Engineering on Thursday afternoon during a ceremony at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Starting from 1948, this award aims to honor the growth and innovation in the field of transmission technology and is awarded to companies, organizations and individuals for their contribution to the technology that has had a major impact on television.

The reason that was awarded the Apple is because it has an environmentally friendly system to transmit TV content to mobile devices without the need for special hardware. Although it is not clear in which service Apple go award, many believe it has to do with cloud-based company infrastructure.

According to the organization, the prize goes to a person, a company or a scientific or technical organization that has managed to develop the technology either by extending existing methods or by creating something completely new that affects the transmission, recording and reception of television.

Other companies that received EMMY awards were Sony, Motorola and Cannon.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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