Samsung says Apple stole the Notification Center


And while the Apple fans claim (very rightly) that Android has copied iOS, it is hard to deny that iOS has not taken any of the inspiration from Android either. The Notification Center is almost the same as Android, and is easy to see, no matter which camp it supports. That is why Samsung uses it as another reason to sue her Apple in South Korea.

And where we thought there were already several lawsuits Apple against Samsung, another appeared. Only this time, the battle will take place at its stadium Samsung in South Korea, where according to BrightWire, the electronics giant filed a lawsuit against Apple for patent infringement on Notification Center on iOS.

Although not many details have been published, expect that the battle will evolve in the coming weeks, months or even years, until the two companies find something bigger to fight.

However, what is interesting is that it took a long time for such a treatment to take place. THE Apple present it Notification Center in iOS 5 2011, but got her Samsung a year until he decides if he wants to fight it. Of course, the company could simply be looking for reasons to quarrel with it Apple and has run out of ideas.

On the other hand, Patently Apple assumes that the reason for the delay was because Google got the patent rights for notification last month, so it is very likely that they expected this before taking legal action.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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