Hack lets you install Windows 10 on all Lumia

Microsoft has recently released the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones but only has six smartphones, none of which are high-end. As expected, this did not appeal to anyone, so the online community began looking for ways to install the update on incompatible smartphones.Windows 10

O RustyGrom is a member of XDA Forums and seems to have discovered a way to upgrade Lumia 1520 to Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones.

Before going into detail, we should mention that if you are thinking of upgrading, you should go ahead with your own responsibility as you will not have official support from Microsoft if something goes wrong.

If after that you still want to hack it would be good to know how it works. Upgrading is possible with the FiddleCore app that tracks traffic and blocks the Microsoft Insider WPflights server, which is required to install a new version of the operating system.

Insider allows users to edit the registry information, so it is possible to change your model and location of your mobile. Keep in mind that smartphones made by manufacturers like Samsung or HTC will need totally different settings to install Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones.

Follow these steps:

1. Reset your Lumia smartphone using Windows Phone recovery. Do not make any settings (you do not even need to log on), but wait until the end and restore when you have Windows 10.

2. Install the app Windows Insider application on your phone.

3. Run the app, and from about options get a screenshot of your settings, because you'll need it later.

4. download and install the application WPInsidersHacks on your computer.

5. Run the WPInsiderHacks application on your computer and make sure you give it access bypassing the Windows firewall.

6. Then connect to the same Wi-Fi network that your computer is connected to and edit the settings for the Wi-Fi connection by activating the Proxy using the computer's IP address and the 8877 port.

7. Open Internet Explorer on your phone and write the address


where [pc.ip.add.ress] is the IP address of the computer running the WPInsidersHacks application.

8. Click the link at the bottom of the root certificate

9. When prompted, click to install the certificate, and then click OK to confirm.

10. Run the Windows Insider application and click on "Get preview builds."

11. Select the custom action you want to run (for example Set to ATT Lumia 635 and click on the arrow at the bottom.

12. Accept the window that will open and check the box at the bottom (the application should close).

13. Make sure you have the correct proxy settings and run the Insider application again.

14. Once again, click "Get preview builds" and log in to the Microsoft account.

15. Go to phone settings and check for updates. If you are lucky, Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones will appear and you will be able to install them. Note that in some cases, you will be prompted to install Windows Phone 8.1 first and then Windows 10.

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16. Finally, go to Settings and do one more reset. Then connect to the phone and let it restore your previous data.

This method has been tested and works on Lumia 1520 and Lumia 635.

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