Hack your Gmail

The gmail is an amazing Google service. Looking for a bit of its features you will find more of what you think you know. This does not stop as Google continues to continuously add new features.


Add a dot anywhere

If you create a "for example my name" address it will automatically be converted to for.example.my.name@gmail.com because its addresses Gmal must not contain any gaps. However, it looks like for.example.my.name@gmail is exactly the same as forexamplemyname@gmaiI.com or forexa.mpl.emyna.me@gmail.com. This is because dots are not important to her Google.

Use filters very simple

Sometimes you want to sign up for a service using the same email address more than once. You can use the trick above to sign up with different accounts on webpages that request different email addresses.

Add some additional information to your address

In addition to dots you can add more information to your e-mail address. For example, you can add a secret tag. You can add the + symbol and another word, such as myname+mytag@gmail.com. This address will drive the inbox to myname @ gmail. com, just as with the previous examples. The difference is that with this trick you can target this address for automatic filtering.


  • Go to Settings: Filters.
  • Click Create New Filter.
  • In the To: blank box, type the + and email address, such as myname+work@gmail.com.
  • Apply the tag:
  • Select the appropriate tag as appropriate.

This is. With this trick, you can sign up with different addresses on different websites so you can filter your results. Print business cards with tags. Give customers cards with different tags for different projects.

Of course you can use the same trick to filter them spam. If you sign up for a contest, use a special tag and then add a filter to send the messages straight to the trash.

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