Hack_Right instead of prison for cybercriminals

The Hack_Right program, which aims to help young hackers avoid cybercrime and use their skills for good, is now supported by 20 companies.

The program is aimed at young people who were first convicted of some cybercrime. This is an alternative to traditional imprisonment.Hack_Right

The experiment started with 2018 and its initiative police of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It focuses on people aged 12 to 23 and is structured in four modules (recovery, training, guidance, alternative) tailored to each individual to help them stay on the good side of the law.

At the Partners in Crime meeting in Woerden, the Netherlands, almost 20 companies signed a letter to participate in the program.

The list includes as big names are added from various domains. Among them are major cyber surveillance companies such as Fox-IT, Secura, Qbit, Northwave, S-unit, Access42, DIVD and Zerocopter.

Companies from the financial sector such as Volksbank, ING, Deloitte, ABN-Amro, Rabobank and Summito have also shown interest in program support as well as companies from other sectors (telecommunications, management services, etc.)

In the Netherlands, the Hack_Right pilot program is being run with the support of the Dutch police, Probation Service, the Child Protection Board and the Public Prosecutor's Office.

According to the prosecutor's office, about 70 people between the ages of 12 and 23 are arrested each year for cybercrime. However, that number is probably higher, as not all new cyber offenders have been arrested.

Currently, the program has about 20 participants, who average about 10 per year, according to Floor Jansen of the Dutch National Police's High Tech Crime team.

About ten a year, but there is room in Hack_Right for more young people who have for the first time committed some cybercrime and want to learn from their mistakes.

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