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Hackademy and radiobubble members have been developing innovations over 7 for years and they are constantly detecting how concepts such as data journalism, community building, community management, citizen journalism, transmedia / crossmedia, and mobile reporting are being applied in practice, but also how they are combined with traditional journalistic tools.

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It is the community that launched 2007 by creating one of the first community-based online radios, and has developed a number of pioneering activities - including them, and broadening the concept of citizen journalism into practice by creating the world's first tweeting hashtag that self-regulates common agreed code of conduct.

#Rbnews is now, for two consecutive years, the first news hashtag of Greece (data from trending.gr), and a very interesting example of the direction that the concepts "participatory journalism" and "citizen journalism" could follow. in the following years, while it has been the subject of university research and has been recorded as "the pinnacle of citizen journalism" by many major international media.

The curriculum is primarily addressed to professionals and citizens-journalists, as well as to students or graduates of journalism and communication schools, Universities, TEIs and IEKs.

During the 96 teaching hours of this accelerated program, trainees will have the opportunity to learn from them most qualified professionals and New Media scientists what is necessary to adequately practice journalism in the new era, but also to work as professionals specialized in the new specialties emerging from the use of the Internet and relating to communication with the use of the New Media.

From the basic principles of journalistic research to community building / community management, participatory journalism / citizen journalism, journalistic management of digital data, digital rights, the new code of ethics, information management, news reporting and news reporting, online radio, and internet radio ( web radio) and process an audio, video and image, this year's Hackademy course is designed so that on completion, trainees can work with proficiency in the new and highly demanding professional landscape.

  • The departments are small and the character of workshops and lectures is intensive.
  • The course begins on Saturday 1 of March 2014 and ends in July of 2014.
  • Registrations will run until Friday February 21.
  • Seminars and workshops will take place every Saturday from 10 am. until 6 pm in the Colab workspace (Petrakis 28, Athens).
  • The total cost is 800 Euros, and the tuition fee is paid in four installments of 200 Euro, while those enrolled in the program are offered free of charge the additional four daily seminars /workshops total value of 200 euro.
  • At the same time, there is a special deduction policy for trainees enrolled by twins (together with a friend or co-worker) and unemployed (ask for more information via email).

To register, send an email and a short CV at hackademy.radiobubble@gmail.com.

For more information on the cost and details of the curriculum, use the same e-mail address.
See the curriculum here and Hackademy associates / professors here.

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