HackCoronaGreece Innovative Proposals Competition

The #HackCoronaGreece competition is a global challenge for technology, creativity and innovation aimed at finding easily scalable and competitive solutions that will help tackle the crisis caused by the spread of the virus Covid-19.

We believe that the challenges can be met through the cooperation of various bodies, such as experts, businessmen and companies, as well as governments.


The competition will end on Sunday 12/04. The proposals will be evaluated and from them will emerge those that are documented that lead to immediately applicable solutions.

Eligible to participate are research teams, health and IT researchers, technology executives, businesses, start-ups and existing ones, and those who want to contribute to the implementation of the proposals that will be presented.

Contestants will be supported by experienced scientists and professionals to use all the necessary information and consulting guidance to implement their idea.

HackCoronaGreece is supported by the Ministry of Digital Government, as well as other similar hackathons, and we call on research and academic institutions as well as collective health and technology organizations to support this remarkable initiative.

Your participation and support can be expressed with

1. Statement of participation in the counseling guidance of the participating teams (Those interested can state it here).

2. Submission of proposals for innovative solutions, in the competition, here.



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The results of the evaluation will be announced on Monday 13/04

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