Hacked the British Channel 4 from the Syrian Electronic Army

The team of Syrian Electronic Army has violated the official blog of Channel 4, a popular British TV channel.

Hackers have published a screenshot to show that they have gained access to an administrator in their WordPress panels Channel 4. But they did not stop there since they were able to deface the homepage of the site.

Channel 4, of course, has closed the site and has not been reverted to this moment.

The attack was announced on Twitter, in a new account after Twitter is constantly trying to close their accounts when they discover them.

sea ​​c 4

#SEA hacks Channel 4 blog, but they hired an admin to stay up all night to try and stop us | http://channel4.com/blogs | http://www.zone-h.org/mirror/id/20430814 ...

"#SEA hacks Channel 4 blog, They took a manager to stay all night on the website to try and stop us," they said on Twitter.

E Hacking News reports that hackers did not have difficulty in hacking Channel 4 because they used an old version of WordPress.


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