The car rental company Sixt was hacked

Car rental company Sixt was the victim of a cyber attack at the weekend. The attack began on Friday, April 29, 2022. According to n-tv, there were huge restrictions on booking rental cars that had to be made in print and it was not possible to contact Sixt even by phone.


A company representative asked customers to be patient. Sixt noticed the attack and was able to contain it relatively quickly. The standard precautionary measures were activated and access to their systems was restricted. Then the planned recovery procedures began. The company, meanwhile, said its "backup systems" were working fine.

Many of Sixt's core systems, particularly its website and applications, are currently operational, but temporary downtime is expected, particularly at customer centers and selected branches. Sixt has reportedly started a thorough investigation with internal and external partners and will provide additional information as soon as they have news.

The Sixt press release from May 1, 2022.

Pullach, May 1, 2022 - Sixt SE IT Security detected irregularities on April 29, 2022. Response measures were implemented immediately in accordance with pre-designed security protocols. It was later confirmed that Sixt SE had been hit by a cyber attack, which Sixt was able to contain at an early stage.

As a standard precaution, access to information systems was immediately restricted and pre-planned recovery procedures were initiated. Many central Sixt systems, especially the website and applications, have been maintained. As a result, the impact on the company, its operations and services has been minimized to provide services to customers. However, temporary breaks, especially at customer service centers and selected branches, are likely to occur in the short term.

Sixt takes this incident very seriously and conducts a thorough investigation with internal and external experts.

Sixt will provide further updates as soon as more information is available and ask customers for their understanding and patience. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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