The state broadcaster in Iran was hacked

"Iran's state broadcaster was hacked on air on Saturday", he says the BBC, "hackers shut down newscast in protest against country's leader".

Although such incidents are "historically rare", they add to the more recent ones, and show there is a "wide open disagreement".iran hack

Το hack πραγματοποιήθηκε αφού τουλάχιστον τρία άτομα πυροβολήθηκαν όταν διαδηλωτές συγκρούστηκαν με τις δυνάμεις ασφαλείας σε νέες αναταραχές για τον θάνατο της Mahsa Amini.

Amini was arrested in Tehran by the morality police for allegedly not covering her hair properly. The 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian died in the hands of the authorities on September 16, three days after her arrest. Her death has sparked an unprecedented wave of protest across the country.

Saturday's 21:00 (17:30 GMT) television newscast was interrupted by images that included Iran's supreme leader with a target on his head, photos of Amini and three other women killed in the recent protests. Captions read "join us and stand up", while another said "the blood of our youth drips from your feet".

The outage lasted only a few seconds before the state television station came back on. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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