Plex streaming platform hacked

Streaming platform Plex has sent an email to its customers, notifying them of a security breach that may have compromised their accounts (usernames, email addresses and passwords).

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Although there is no sign that the hackers were able to decrypt the passwords, Plex advises all users to change their passwords immediately.

Plex is one of the largest streaming apps available and is used by around 20 million people to view video, audio and photos they upload themselves, along with the content the service provides to paid subscribers.

The warning email states:

“Yesterday, we noticed suspicious activity in one of our databases. We immediately launched an investigation and it appears that a third party was able to access a limited subset of data including emails, usernames and encrypted passwords.”

Account passwords are encrypted with a strong algorithm (bcrypt) and further protected with salting and peppering, according to the company, which makes it much harder for attackers to read stolen passwords.

Plex stated that credit card data and generally all payment data is not stored on its servers. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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