Hacker apologizes for Paris Hilton's naked photo leak


Cameron Lacroix, a hacker mentioned in and Wikipedia , apologized for publishing personal celebrity photos on the internet nine years ago. Among them were photos from the Paris Hilton phone. The hacker wanted to publicly apologize shortly before his four-year sentence in a federal jail, for stealing credit card numbers, falsifying grades at the Bristol Community College and causing damage to Twitter which cost 200,000 dollars

He started Hacking at 11 and 16 was sentenced to 11 for months in a penitentiary institution

According to NBC News, Lacroix, from New Bedford, Massachusetts, now realizes the consequences of the personal information he released. "Paris, I'm sorry I posted your photos online," he said. "I should never have done that. I wish it had never happened. "

Until this age, Lacroix has participated in many hacking actions, including credit and debit card theft, personal data, Twitter account violations. The leakage of Paris Hilton's photos took place at 2005 when the hacker was a teenager. He managed to break into the Paris Hillton phone and leak out personal contacts, emails, and naked photos on the internet. The act took place through an attack on her website T-Mobile, the institution to which Paris Hilton was a member. For this reason, Lacroix was sentenced to 11 month imprisonment for a minors' penitentiary federal detention facility. It was just 16 years old then. However, the list of cyber attacks in which they participated does not begin or end with it.

His criminal past and the job at the FBI

Lacroix is ​​also known for illegally invading Burger King's Twitter account - where he changed the restaurant logo to that of McDonalds. Databases to which he had illegal access include federal services databases. According to the authorities, the damage done by the hacker is estimated at about $ 1 million / € 800,000.

However, he promised that when he gets out of jail, he will change his whitehat (whitehat) hat and would like to help all the companies he deceived. He could also work with the FBI for his knowledge to help capture cyber criminals.

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