What exactly is a Hacker and what does it do? What is Cracker?

Chippers and Cracker. We recently saw the Mega story due to the friendly one SecNews and only because the kids had uploaded it to YouTube. I personally have to watch TV from 1999, let alone see Mega.
In our report, we saw the term Cracker used by Mr. Sfakianakis to describe some kind of hacker.
The article is not intended to offend the knowledge of Sphakianakis, or anyone using the term and referring to hackers, but to recall some things. The term (in its broad sense) as used is not wrong, but there are some details that make the difference.

system Cracker Cracker Cracker

First, let's give a hacker definition: What is a Hacker?

You've heard about hackers, and you've seen terrible hackers in movies. What exactly is a hacker?

Hacker είναι ένας τεχνικά καταρτισμένος υπολογιστή ο οποίος, είτε με αρνητικά είτε με θετικά κίνητρα, θα παραβιάσει (“σπάζοντας” την ασφάλεια, για αυτό κολλάει εδώ και ο όρος cracker) συστήματα υπολογιστών. Ναι, μερικές φορές η εισβολή σε κάποιον “στόχο” γίνεται για καλό σκοπό είναι ευγενής και ευεργετική. Το hacking μπορεί να είναι επίσης κακό και άδικο για κλοπές και βανδαλισμό.
You will sometimes see the term "hacker" written in online slang in various ways, such as "haxor", "Hax0r", or "h4x0r".
Historically, a 1980 hacker was absolutely bad and dishonest: a criminal who illegally and improperly took over the control of computers and networks. Thus, the definition of hackers still refers to something illegal up to today in 21 century.
However, the term hacker has been extended to include non-criminal and even polite computer users. Today, the term hacker is divided into 3 categories of computer users: “Black Hat ”,“White Hat”, “Grey Hat” and “ Kiddie”. Θα μπορούσαμε να προσθέσουμε και την συμπαθή κατηγορία των Χακτιβιστών αλλά θεωρούμε ότι συμπεριλαμβάνεται στην κατηγορία των White Hat.

1) Classic "Black Hat" Hackers = criminals - offenders

This is the classic definition of a hacker: a computer user who deliberately seeks to hack or steal other people's networks. This classic type of hacker is also known as “Black Hat hacker ”, due to his malicious motives. The Black Hat are technically gifted users, but and their motives are fueled by feelings of power and petty-bourgeois revenge. They are cybercriminals, in every sense of the word, and have the same personality traits as teenagers who smash bus windows for personal gratification.

The Black Hat hackers are known for the following common cyber crimes:

  • DOS / DDOS attacks that burden servers on the Internet.
  • Distorting websites by taking control and replacing the main photos of the page with rude slogans.
  • Theft and theft of personal information.
  • Botnetting: Remote control of dozens of personal computers, and programming of "zombies" to execute spam

2) White Hat "Ethical Hackers" Network Security Specialists

A different category of hackers. The White Hat hackers have honest, or at least benign, incentives. A White Hat Ethical Chippers is a talented computer security user used to help protect computer networks. The White Hat Ethical Hackers may be former black hats who work as security guards in a company. The Ethical Hackers usually motivated by a fixed salary, but there are also those who do it only from hobbies without any salary. It is no surprise to see ethical hackers spend their wages on very expensive computers in their personal lives so they can play online games after work.

We mentioned above that White Hat can only be done as a hobby. Something similar is the "Academic Hackers" = the Creative Computer Artists

Another kind White Hat is the “academic hacker": A computer technician who is not interested in protecting systems, but rather in creating smart programs. If you are an academic hacker, for example, you will get a code to improve it with smart conversions and additions. "Academic hacking" is harmless and does not seek to harm other people's networks. The academics White Hat hackers are often graduate students in computer programming.

3) Gray Hat Hackers = Not sure which side of the law stands.

The Gray Hat Hackers are often hobbyists: they are users with basic and intermediate technology skills who like to dismantle and modify their own hobby systems. They are often mixed with minor crimes, such as sharing movie files or using illegal (broken) software. Millions of p2p downloaders are considered hobby hackers. You've ever changed router and firewall to allow you faster p2p downloads? You could describe yourself as a "Gray Hat" hobby Chippers. Only a small percentage of these hackers will be made Black Hat some point.

4) Script Kiddie = Look what I did!

A Kiddie Script uses someone else's work to prove his abilities to his friends, or to his girlfriend. A Wannabe Chippers. I think it is not worthwhile to deal with.

Let's look at the subtle differences

If you were experimenting frantically with your computer hardware and software, you are one White Hat hacker hobby. If you are experimenting frantically and you like to break software and generally violate copyrights, then you are one Gray Hat hacker hobby.
But if you are violating software copyrights (unlocking programs and games), you are Cracker. OR Wikipedia gives as subcategories and definitions of Cracker the following:

The first and second categories of course are perfectly described by the term Black Hat Hacker, so the term Cracker probably describes something else.

Crackers frequent the scene, or Scene, and violate copyrights continuously and not for their own use (*). This specialization, however, makes the difference in terms.

(*) Of course nfo that includes in their releases, many times report that the use of this program is allowed only for members of the Group and not for the general public. Immediately afterwards, we find this program along with crack on a public torrent tracker.

Of course the limits are very thin, say for example, that one Black Chippers he may at some point change his hat and wear a white one, or a Cracker stop to programs and to deal exclusively with software writing, since he has mastered programming.

We describe what is a scene in the article below.

Exclusive The Scene What is the Scene

Sources for the article Wikipedia and 19 years on the internet.

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  1. @ethan I think we mention that Mr. Sfakianakis did not make a mistake, he just impressed us and we gave an additional parameter to the term cracker, which may make the difference from the term black hat hacker. May
    brute-force was used but that does not make the other cracker.
    In addition, tools for brute-force attacks circulate freely on
    internet and to be used they do not need special

  2. I did not understand if you finally think that the term cracker used by Mr. Sfakianakis was wrong, but in my opinion it was correct because they took advantage of the fact that there was no log-in test limit and brute-force was used to find or break the passwords of accounts of celebrities.

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