Hacker leaked 20 million dating users website

A database containing information from 20 millions of users of one online dating site is allegedly stolen by one hacker.
It is currently unclear whether the information is being circulated online, but someone using the online pseudonym "Mastermind" claims to have leaked to a paste site.hacker

The person claims that the data is 100% valid and Daniel Ingevaldson, Chief Technology Officer at Easy Solutions, said in a blog post on Sunday that the list included e-mail addresses from Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.

Easy Solutions is a US-based company providing security products for detecting and preventing cybercrime on various computer platforms.

According to Ingevaldson, the list contains over 7 million credentials from Hotmail, 2,5 million from Yahoo, and 2,2 million from Gmail.com.

It is not clear whether the term "credentials" refers to usernames and passwords that can be used to access email accounts or website accounts. It is also unknown whether the database contained encrypted passwords or whether its records were plain text.

"The list seems to be international in nature with thousands of entries from around the world. Hackers and fraudsters are more likely to use credentials to commit fraud than to enter the original hacked website. They will use the data with auto-scan reuse. Their target will be other websites, such as banks, travel agencies and e-mail service providers, ”says Ingevaldson.

According to sources, the hacked online dating site is very high profile, with over 90 million users. The business is based in Russia, and states that more than 50% of its users are outside Russia.
We will mention more details when identifying the site.

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