hackerEnv: Vulnerability and exploit scanner

HackerEnv is an automated tool that quickly and easily scans IP and ports, vulnerabilities and exploit.

It then gives you an interactive shell for further testing. It also generates HTML and docx references. Uses other tools such as nmap, nikto, metasploit and Hydra. Works on Kali linux and Parrot OS.


cd / opt /
git clone https://github.com/abdulr7mann/hackerEnv.git
cd / opt / hackerEnv
chmod + x hackerEnv



hackerEnv -t
hackerEnv -t “ \ n20.20.20.20”
hackerEnv -t -i eth0
hackerEnv -i eth0 -s 24
hackerEnv -s 24

hackerEnv -h, –help Display this help message.
hackerEnv –update Update tool.
hackerEnv Scan the entire network.
hackerEnv -t Pass a specific target's IP.
hackerEnv -t Pass mutipule targets' IPs eg hackerEnv -t " \ n20.20.20.20"
hackerEnv -i To specify an interface.
hackerEnv -a Pass attacker's IP.
hackerEnv -s To specify subNetwork 24 or 23 etc. exclude /
hackerEnv -e, –aggressive Enable aggressive port scan
hackerEnv -oA genetrate report in HTML and DOCX format

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Application snapshots

Video guide



You can download the program from here.

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