Hackers violated screen at a mall

At a shopping mall in Liverpool, Britain, hackers breached giant message screens and suggested to their managers that they improve their security.


According to the BBC, in May, a group of anonymous hackers, managed to break some of the giant screens of a shopping mall just outside Liverpool leaving the following message to them:

"We suggest you improve your safety
Yours sincerely,
the friendly hackers of your neighborhood "

The message appeared on a large external display in the mall. According to reports, no other screens were affected, although passers-by said several corresponding signs were deactivated.

Numerous users in Reddit and Twitter had reported on the incident, but the Liverpool One Mall closed the screen much later when it was informed of the incident.

It remains unclear who was responsible for hacking. A spokesman for the shopping mall told the BBC that "the screens are operated by the outside company [Elonex], which is currently investigating what happened".

Elonex spokesman told the BBC: "We can confirm that a weekend incident occurred on one of the 18 screens operating in Liverpool One. The incident seems to have been very cordial and was not meant to cause a stir, for which we are grateful. "

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