Hackers can violate Blu-ray disc networks

British hacker Stephen Tomkinson has discovered two attacks that can be made with Blu-Ray.Hackers

His first exploit is based on a poor Java application in the known application CyberLink's PowerDVD. PowerDVD plays DVDs on computers and creates menus using Java, but the way it uses Oracle's code allows you to bypass the security controls that Windows performs.

The result, as he says NCC Group, is that it is possible for executable Blu-Ray discs to run automatically when Windows starts, even when the settings are forbidden.

The second attack borrows, in part, from his discovery hacker Malcom Stagg, (the Blu Ray rooting process) that exploits code debugging when it starts to launch an external USB. With a new Java Xlet script, hackers can replicate the TCP stream to the net inf daemon, which provides a exploit from a Blu ray disc.

Attackers should first determine the model of the DVD player used by the target to create a security exception specifically for this.

Tomkinson urges interested users to avoid playing Blu-Ray discs from unreliable sources, and to prevent discs from playing Auto-play and accessing the internet.

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