Hackers hit EA Games and stole data and source code

Hackers claim to have the source code for games such as FIFA 21, as well as the proprietary Frostbite gaming machine, which serves as the basis for many popular games.

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The Vice and the BBC report that approximately 780 GB of data was stolen from EA Games, but no player or customer data. The company is one of the largest game developers in the world. It develops and releases major games such as Battlefield, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, The Sims and Titanfall, as well as a wide range of sports games.

An EA spokesman said: “We are investigating a recent case of intrusion into our network where a limited amount of game code and related tools have been stolen. We did not have access to player data and we have no reason to believe that there is a risk to their privacy. "

The company said it has already improved security and expects no impact on its games or business. It was also not a ransomware attack and happened recently in the Colonial PipelineFinally, it considers that no major competitor would ever use such stolen data.

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