Hackers leaked data on COVID-19 vaccine

Hackers leaked the information they stole about his vaccines after an attack targeting her medical service of the Union, the organization admitted today.

The attack on the European Medicines Agency (EMA by the European Medicines Agency) was first revealed last month and it has now been established that those behind the hack have gained access to information about Koranic drugs.

"The ongoing investigation into the EMA attack has revealed that some of the leaked documents are related to COVID-19 drugs and third-party vaccines. Actions are required from law enforcement authorities ", the EMA said in a statement.

"The agency continues to fully support criminal investigations into data breaches and to alert any additional entities and individuals whose documents and personal data may have been unauthorized access," the EMA added.

The work of the EMA and the European Medicines Regulatory Network does not appear to be affected by the breach as the authorization and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines has not been discontinued.

The investigation into the attack is still ongoing.

More about the same attack:

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