Hackers sent all Yandex Taxis to a square

The largest taxi service in Russia Yandex Taxi was hacked by hackers, yesterday September 1st. A traffic jam was created in the center of Moscow when dozens of taxis were sent by hackers to the address of Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

The representatives of the company explained the traffic jam by the actions of the attackers who tried to stop the service.

 "Η υπηρεσία ασφαλείας σταμάτησε αμέσως τις προσπάθειες τεχνητής συσσώρευσης αυτοκινήτων. Οι οδηγοί πέρασαν περίπου 40 λεπτά στην κίνηση λόγω ψεύτικων παραγγελιών. Το θέμα της αποζημίωσης θα επιλυθεί πολύ άμεσα", δήλωσε ο εκπρόσωπος της Yandex Taxi.

The company emphasized that in order to exclude such incidents in the future, "the algorithm for detecting and preventing such attacks has already been improved."

It was not revealed who was behind the attack, but it could have been many, from pro-Ukrainian organizations to some troll having fun.

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